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If the emancipation of the working classes requires their fraternal concurrence, how are they to fulfill that great mission with a foreign policy in pursuit of criminal designs, playing upon national prejudices, and squandering in piratical wars the people's blood and treasure?
-- Karl Marx.

Is there any sphere in which our theory that the organisation of labour is determined by the means of production is more dazzlingly vindicated than in the industry for human slaughter? -- Karl Marx.

Why you should not use Micro$oft products
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the austrian high court has ruled that people are responsible for the pages that they link to on their web page. thus i added this link to an interesting site. well actually it is a random link script from yahoo. it might point you anywhere on the web. so now i am liable for all the content of the world wide web. terabytes? exabytes of p0rn, gambling, defamation, and everything.. so blame it all on me please. :-)

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