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A black day in the History of the Catholic Church. Today the Catholic Church decided to leave the path of Jesus Christ and instead follow the Way of Mister Escriva. But that a Fascist is now declared a Saint only marks the political direction of the Catholic Church was goint for a long time. During the last Decades the Church never grew tired of supporting extreme right-wing regimes all over the world. The canonization of that person thus is only a logical consequence of leaving the way of Jesus Christ.

an other black day in the history of the church: John Paul II approved the decree issued by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints about a miracle of Blessed Josemaria Escriva. obviously opus dei people have bothered JPII long enough so that he finnally issued this decree... In this context i also want to point out that the first miracle that was necessary for the beatification of mister escriva seems to be a fake: they used a miraculous healing of a young carmelit girl ("conception bouillon") and pretended that it was because of escriva. intereting also: the chief nun there ("catalina serna") at the monastery only learnd about the fact that this healing should have occured in her monastry years later.... i would assume if there where really a miraculous healing then all the woman and of course the chief would have known.. the guardian about the issue

Many people have written to me because of that Russion spy (hanson) in the U.S. who was a member of the Opus Dei. Brilliant. Besides being a brillinat disguise it might also have helped him to use Opus Dei's good contacts with the right-extremist regimes of this world...p.s.: i have updated the McCloskey page

peru's right wing fujimori regiem holds young woman as political prisoner juan luis cipriani the opus dei bishop supports his friend fujimori.

more about chile, pinochet and the opus dei.
This article (in german) tells some interesting details. Shocking detail: "In the chilenian army the visit of holy service was obligatory. The officiers there asked the military-priests how the tortured people could be killed in a "sin-free" way. According to the advice of the priests, the method of throwing the victims into the sea after they had been intoxicated, became popular"

Opus Dei supports dictator Pinochet who has been arested in London a few month ago and should be transported to Spain to face a trial because of the murder commited during his dictatorship in Chile. (The government in Chile talks about over 3000 people who have been killed). During the Pinochet dictorship some of the closest advisors of Pinochet where Opus Dei people (e.g. Cubillos (foreign minister)). One of the most wealthy man from Chile was also an Opus Dei member: Cruzat. His empire around the "Bank de Santiago" consisted of 250 companies and during the 70s payed about 2,000,000$/month to the Opus Dei organisation. (see here (in german))

amnesty international about chile
Shock at Pope's Pinochet plea.
Personal account of life under General Pinochet quote:
Tito Tricot writes: I cannot forget Patricia's horrifying screams for help as she was repeatedly raped by a gang of "brave" Chilean marines. She was only 15 at the time of the coup. She was arrested, like many of us, simply for being a supporter of the Popular Unity government. I will never forget the night she tried to kill herself by banging her head against the wall. Did any of the right-wing members of Parliament whom today so wholeheartedly defend Pinochet do anything for her? Did any of them defend my legal or political rights when I was brutally tortured at the Naval Academy in Valparaiso? Where were they when I was stripped naked, blindfolded and electricity was applied to my genitals? I certainly did not see any of them when I left the hospital in a wheelchair only to be taken to the War Academy and tortured again. Yes, this is a personal problem, for the coup did not only mean the end of a unique social and political process, but also the end of a dream for a whole generation of Chileans.

Opus Dei builts new headquarters in the heart of New York City for $42 million. (see: Church Watch). Contrary to that: The Unoffical Opus Dei Homepage is still hosted on an old 486/66 worth $150 running the free linux Operating System.

CNN International in Spanish announces the appointment of Juan Luís Cipriani as the new Archbishop of Lima, Perú. Cipriani, formerly auxiliary Bishop of Ayacucho, is the most prominent Opus Dei clergyman in Perú.

Thought Refrom Page
The page about Thought Refrom in Opus Dei tries to explain the Opus Dei phenomenon from a psychological point of view. It is not directly meant as a critique but to help people to find a better understanding of what is going on in their souls.

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I changed the layout of my pages and enhanced it with some JavaScript. If you have problems with viewing my pages in a special browser then please let me know.

Firstgood fruits of my pages?
The official opus dei website now has a page with "reflections on Charity by the founder" on their front, which is not that bad at all and is part of some of Mister Escriva's late writings. Even though the document is in contradiction with "the Way", the book that still forms the basis of the Opus Dei, and recent writings of the Opus Dei priest McCloskey, this may well be the indication of a shift in attitude of the organisation. We can only hope that this is really the case and that this is not only a cosmetic trick to present them in a good light to the public, but this is only the start of a fundamental change, which will finally reach the point where they can critically deal with the particularly horrible teachings of Mister Escriva. On the other hand when we can still read "Msgr. Escriva de Balaguer has written something more than a masterpiece; he has written straight from the heart, and straight to the heart go these short paragraphs..." in their recension of the "Way", then this might seem a bit too optimistic. But well, let us pray for them.
Father McCloskey - An Opus Dei priest reveals his ideology
I have read his web pages and quoted the hard core stuff and commented a bit about them. Read here. The pages prove that the fascist ideology found in Escriva's teachings are more than alive in the Opus Dei of today.

ELIS A new program for indoctrination of youth with fascist opus dei ideology.
On their web page they announced the ELIS program. As a sect who always searches for new members amount young people who are more easy to manipulate (compare The Way #851). Even if the mushy information on their web page is intended to give a nice and postitiv picture about this institution the dangerous ideology is shining through every where..

--What do you pay most attention to in your task of educating students?
--I think one of the areas that deserves the most attention these days is the personal capacity for sacrifice, self-control and for sticking to priorities. Many people lack deep, stable convictions. All of this stems, I think, from parents who often give in too easily to their children. A comfortable and permissive society makes the task of educating children difficult, and often parents give in "because it's fashionable to do so."

So it is the permissive society that they want to atack. A law and oder fascist society is what they are aiming at. Needless to say that these so called ``education centers'' are just used to recrute new members for the sect.

Opus Dei begins in Kazakhstan.
According to their official web page Opus Dei started its member finding activities in June 1997 in Kazakhstan.

They have brushed up their own homepage. Now they admit it on their front page: When they talk about ``helping people'' they mean: ''apostolat (=bringing new victims under their control)''

Especially nice is the "Special Report" page where they describe what happened when Escriva found out that ``God'' wanted from him that he should found the Opus Dei:

What actually happened on October 2, 1928? No dated account from that day exists, but there are several later statements by the founder. The earliest writing comes three years after the event, a handwritten note: "Three years ago today (I received the illumination about the whole Work, while I read those papers. Moved by this I knelt down. I was alone in my room between conferences and I gave thanks to the Lord and I remember with emotion the ringing of the bells of the parish of Our Lady of the Angels), while at the convent of the Vincentian Fathers, I tried to arrange into some sort of pattern the loose notes I had been taking up until that time; from that moment on the mangey donkey [referring to himself] became aware of the burden, beautiful and yet weighty, that the Lord in his inexplicable goodness had placed upon his shoulders. This day the Lord founded his Work."
(From The Canonical Path of Opus Dei, by Amadeo Fuenmayor, et al, pg. 22)

While it is not explicitly stated there I think that with ``notes'' he means his writing for his book (``The Way''). Well let's see whats we can read there: (Translated from the German edittion of book) #54 Making concessions? -- This term is from the vocabulary of people who make their life easy, clever people and cowards, those people who do avoid to fight....
(From ``The Way''. Note: Escriva thinks fighting is something good!)

#62 A leader -- You need him....
(There is lot more of this fascist leadership reliance. Read my FAQ for the details.).

#79 Virtue without order? -- Strange virtue!
(There is a lot more of this fascist law oder mentality. Read my FAQ for the details.).

#161 You waste yourself on tenderness, -- I tell you: "Love your neighbour, yes, always, but listen: These ``other'' feeling only belong to Jesus, and only to him."......
(He writes a lot more of this stuff, because he has never understood the basic truth of Christianity: that love for the neighbour and love for God is essential the same things. Read my FAQ for the details.)

#188 Take care, your heart is a traitor. -- Lock it with seven bolts.

#258 Throw away Scruple which take away your peace of mind. What takes away your peace is not from god....
(It is always unbelievable with what kind of enormous arrogance this person speaks in the name of god. Here he wants to make his followers heartless soldiers who doe just anything without scruples.)

#311 The War! The war has a supernatural goal, you say, that is hidden for the world: the war is for us ... The war is the biggest obstacle for a convenient way. -- But in the end we will have to love the war like a monk loves his flagellation belt.

#339 You shall not buy books without the advice of an experienced Christian. It is so easy to buy something useless or mischievous. Often people believe they are carrying a book under their arm ... but they only carry a load of mud.
(Members of Opus Dei are not allowed to ready any book without asking their spiritual director first. They have an index of allowed and of forbidden books..)

Well, I could go on forever but I think you got the point: You would fall down on your knees and pray to God thanking him for the incredible wisdom and grace that he has given to you, to write such extraordinary pieces of literature full of the tender warmth of humanity, compassion and charity, .. You would fall down on your knees too, wouldn't you?

This site becomes more and more pupular, even the Bollettino della Prelatura della Santa Croce e Opus Dei, Viale Bruno Buozzi 73, 00197, Roma (villatevere.inet.it) has read my pages. What an honor :)

The World sighs full of relief. The Unofficial Opus Dei Pages have been published on the internet.

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