schools on the road to Europe

Guido Cavaliere (born in Sicily, works in Rome as a teacher)  

Guido is the Coordinator of the project. 

"Our project? A little brick for the common European house!" 

Hendrik Jafetsson (from Reykjavik, Iceland; teaches Iclelandic as a main subject beside other subjects)  

Hendrik is the coordinator of the school in Iceland, he produced a film about his school. 

"The Comenius project gives us great opportunities to learn about other people and helps us to understand each other better" 

Elmar Halder (from Bregenz, Austria: 35, married, two children, teacher for English, Music and Sports since 1986)  made a video with the pupils "Hello Austria, hello Bregenz", which was swopped in Rome with our partner schools, to introduce his school 
In April 1998 he will travel to Iceland to make a presentation of the questionnaire: 

"Reasons for me to take part in Comenius-Project: 

  • It is a big chance for our pupils to improve their English.
  • We can learn a lot from other school systems, culture and everyday life.
  • A great opportunity to work on a European Union with no seperation, racisim or apartheid."

Pierre Hendrickx (born in Amsterdam, lives in Austria since 1993; married, three children, besides other objects he is teaching English as main subject) 

Pierre is the coordinator of the Austrian school in Bregenz. 

"During centuries people have fought - and still are doing so - for the sake of the nation. Nationalism has caused the death of millions of poeple. Most of them were innocent. We have to learn form these facts. That's the main reason why I want to work for the sake of a United Europe. We should not only trade with one another, but also learn to live with each other. This mutual understanding and the readiness to communicate are the best guarantee for peace and freedom. And this is the main reason that I join this project as coordinator of our school. I'm very glad to see how our pupils are working with a lot of enthusiasm for the project." 

Merja Karjalainen (from Hollola, Finland:  married, two children, works as an elemtary-schoolteacher in a small villageschool in southern Finland)  

Merja is the coordinator of Hollola school

"By being involved with this Comenius project I have learned to know European people and schoolsystems. My pupils have got friends from Europe and thorough this they learn to understand other foreign people better. They also learn more English. 

To be a school in Comenius project gives us new posibilities to learn." 

Tiina Kilpeläinen 
Antti Sarja 
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