Be welcome to the inoffical pages of our comenius-project! 
Here are the NEWS!
The study visit was in May but there was so much work to do. This is the reason, the  

 impressions of a study visit 

didn't appear before. My intention was to make a java-version, but it is not finished. Sorry!

Have a look at the  new members of the 
team page 
Guido Cavaliere  
Hendrik Jafetsson  

I've got pictures of Tina and Jorma but I am waiting for a mail with the text.

We proudly present a new member in the 
team page: Merja Karjalainen 

Pierre Hendrickx has a mail adress: He is waiting for your mails!

You want to see Pierre Hendrickx and to read about his opinion about Comenius? Have a look at  the people! (Hope I will get the pictures and mails of you all soon to add them.)
I have added a new picture from Guido to the questionaire. Please could anyone help me with the text and the names of the people!  

Since today it should be possible to use the links in this small extra-browser.

Thanks for the pictures Guido. One of them is added to the summary-page (Is this the right place? It is still very hard for me to order everything. I need your comments and correctures)  

On the main-page Iceland has a new flag, a friend animated it for me. Finland is still wrong, isn't it? *snief*  

I would like to add a page with the motto "people and why they decided to work with this project" - just a foto and a few sentences. Elmar startet with an example. I'd like to add some things about the work he does/did in relation with Comenius. Have a look at the first draft (link "the people" on the main page)! the pin-wall doesn't work correct at the moment, hope it will do in a few days

I've added the questionaire: Have a look at "current events" and use the link!  

The link to the Italian pages is updatet as well. If it doesn't work use the following way to find them (thanks to Guido): 
click on Progetti Sperimentali 
click on Quartiere-locale - XIII Circoscrizione 
click on Scuole 
click on S.M.S. L.Petroselli  

You can reach the homepage of the participating schools by clicking at the flags on the main-page.  

I am so sorry Risto, that your flag is noch correct but until now I couldn't find another. How does it looks like?

The link to the Italian pages doesn't work anymore. Did you change the url Guido? Are there any pictures of your meeting in Rome? I would like to add them to this pages.
Today I added the "pinwall", usually known as "guest-book". Please use it for your ideas and  comments! I think it could be a good medium to keep contakt.
When Pierre informed our stuff about your project, I had the idea of this pages. I think it could be an ideal way to perform cooperation work without any borders. This is why I put a sample page into Internet. Purpose is to create a discussion base for all participants.  

If you like my idea you might contribute your own ideas and creativity, so that this sample page could evolve to a demonstration of European cooperation.  

We also think that our national agencies - our sponsors, aren't they? - will be pleased to see a concrete piece of work.  

If you don't like this idea, there won't be any problem to remove the sample page out of Internet because the whole operation is free (no expenses!).  

Sorry, my English is very bad and Pierre is not available at the moment.